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GoDaddy Delegate Access Functionality

If you use GoDaddy for your web hosting services, they offer a feature where you can delegate access to your GoDaddy account when you hire me for web development services.

Delegate access is something unique to GoDaddy that other web hosting companies don’t offer. When you delegate access to your GoDaddy account, you are sharing access to certain services within your account.

The big advantage to this is:

  1. You do not have to give me your account username and password.
  2. You only give me access to the products that I need access to.
  3. When we are done working together you can revoke access.

Most of the time, all that I need is access to Products & Domains:


Delegate Godaddy Access

Then, when I log in to my GoDaddy account, I can see your account without needing to log in to a separate account or know your login credentials.   When we are all done working together, you remove the delegated access, and access to your account no longer shows in my account.

If you are not comfortable doing this, GoDaddy has added functionality so I can request access to your account. You just need to communicate to me the email address associated with your account and I will send a request. You will then receive an email stating I am requesting access to your account. You just need to click the link in the email that will grant access to me.

If you ever want to revoke access so I can no longer access your account, this can be done from the same Delegate Access menu link.

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I hope this explains how to access GoDaddy delegate functionality. If something is still not clear, let me know.

You can log in here to GoDaddy to delegate access to me, or send me the email address associated with your account and I will initiate the request.



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