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Delegate GoDaddy Account to Me

If you use GoDaddy for web hosting service, you can delegate access to your GoDaddy account when you hire me for website development services.

Delegating account access is something unique to GoDaddy that other web hosting companies don’t offer.

When you delegate access to your GoDaddy account you are sharing services that you define to me.  The big advantage to this is that you do not have to give me your account username and password to have full access to everything. When you set it up, you can define what I have access to.

Most of the time, all  I need is access to Products & Domains:

Delegate Godaddy Access

Then, when I log in to my GoDaddy account, I can access yours.   When we are all done working together, you remove the delegated access, and it is removed from my account.

My one big, huge gripe about this service is all I can see when I am logged in,  is the delegated account owner’s first name. It’s displayed in random order – not alphabetical, not by date that was newest delegated.  So I see a long random list of first names ( I currently have over 20 accounts delegated to me.) Sometimes the client that hires me is not the GoDaddy account owner, so the name does not even match.  It’s extremely difficult for me to manage these accounts. If you delegate access to me, please note if the account holder is a different name than yours :  )

I have communicated this problem to GoDaddy several times, but it is yet to be addressed.

Log in to GoDaddy to delegate access to me.

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