GoDaddy Delegate Access


GoDaddy Delegate Access Functionality

If you use GoDaddy for your web hosting services, they offer a feature where you can delegate access to your GoDaddy account when you hire me for web development services.

Delegate access is something unique to GoDaddy that other web hosting companies don’t offer. When you delegate access to your GoDaddy account, you are sharing access to certain services within your account.

The big advantage to this is:

  1. You do not have to give me your account username and password.
  2. You only give me access to the products that I need access to.
  3. When we are done working together you can revoke access.

Most of the time, all that I need is access to Products & Domains:


Delegate Godaddy Access

Then, when I log in to my GoDaddy account, I can see your account without needing to log in to a separate account or know your login credentials.   When we are all done working together, you remove the delegated access, and access to your account no longer shows in my account.

It’s Not Perfect

Godaddy Delegate Account Access There are a lot of frustrations working with GoDaddy beyond this delegate feature. A huge gripe about this service is all I can see when I am logged in is the delegated account owner’s first name. It’s displayed in random order – not alphabetical, and not by the date that was newest account was delegated to me.  So I see a long random list of first names. (I currently have over 20 accounts delegated to me.) Sometimes the client that hires me is not the GoDaddy account owner, so the name does not even match.  It’s extremely difficult for me to manage these accounts. If you delegate access to me, please note if the account holder is a different name than yours.

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Another big issue with it is that I have no control over removing access to an account once we no longer work together. This has to be done by you. So in terms of maintenance and efficiency this further clutters the already poorly laid out interface.

The most frustrating part though is me actually getting logged into your account.  Once I click on your name to access your account, I can seldom access it on the first try. Typically I have to log  in and out multiple times due to errors. Accessing this tool in a separate browser, in a private window is what typically ends up working.  This defeats the purpose of making it easy to manage other accounts inside of my account.

I have communicated this problem to GoDaddy several times over several years, but nothing I have reported has ever been addressed.

So I guess it is better than nothing, but there are definitely some big issues that need to be fixed.

I hope this explains how to access GoDaddy delegate functionality. If something is still not clear, let me know.

You can log in here to GoDaddy to delegate access to me.


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