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I provide WordPress Development Services for your website.

WordPress Development Services

Wordpress Web Developer

I have been actively working as a freelance WordPress developer for almost 15 years and can build just about any WordPress website you dream up.

Other open source web applications, like Joomla and Zen Cart used to be options I would consider, but eventually left them all behind and only build websites with WordPress.  Using WordPress as a content management system is a great starting point to build just about any type of website application.

Whether you are in a hurry and need a 5 page small business website built in a couple days, or a large scale e-commerce website application, WordPress is an excellent choice for fast website development and easy to integrate many different types of features.

I have worked on literally hundreds of WordPress websites over the years (all of my personal websites are built on WordPress). Here are some examples of WordPress websites that I have built:

  • New small business websites.
  • Event calendar websites with paid registration through PayPal.
  • Online company job board for a staffing company.
  • eCommerce WordPress online stores.
  • Online product catalogs that you can search by type, brand or search a distributor database.
  • Product directory websites.
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WordPress Web development

As a freelance WordPress developer, I provide multiple types of WordPress development and maintenance services. These services include full WordPress website development, to page speed optimization and WordPress security issues.

Wordpress Theme Development

I have built numerous custom WordPress themes over the years. Web designers create a layered psd of the design along with details of the functionality needed. I then deliver a completed website built with  a custom WordPress theme.

If you don’t have a custom design that you want to use, there are numerous professional themes available that are a great starting point. Themes can be highly customized to meet your project requirements

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance is simply a part of running a WordPress website.  There are ongoing release to core WordPress code and plugins that require updates to address new features, bug fixes and protection from vulnerabilities.

Even though WordPress has an easy interface to edit page content, some clients still prefer to have me update website content for them.

WordPress Help

I provide WordPress help and WordPress support services for many clients. I offer monthly WordPress maintenance plans and also am available on call, as needed to address WordPress problems you may have.  I have years of experience debugging WordPress and can fix WordPress errors for you quickly.

Securing WordPress

Out of the box, there are WordPress security issues that need to be addressed. If you don’t secure it, you will eventually have a hacked website.

Securing WordPress vulnerabilities can be addressed with out much effort. I provide WordPress security services to clean virus infections in your website and also provide services to secure your WordPress installation so you don’t get hacked.

Take a short quiz to see if you need to do some work securing WordPress on your website or review this WordPress Security Checklist to see if you can improve your WordPress security.

WordPress Website Development

If you are planning making a new website and are not sure if WordPress is the right solution, get in touch so we can discuss the details of your website project. More often than not, I recommend using WordPress for website development.

Sometimes custom web development makes more sense. If it will take more effort to customize WordPress (i.e. by writing a complex custom plugin), it may be better to build a custom website. Consult with a professional WordPress web developer to find out what would be the best approach for your project.

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Hire a WordPress developer that is professional and experienced to build your website.  You want it to be configured properly to be secure, load fast and search engine optimized. What good is building a website if users don’t stick around because of virus warnings, it is slow loading pages, or they simply can’t find you in Google?