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Website Tech Support

Professional online website support to help you manage and maintain your website virtually.

I provide one time & long term, ongoing website support for small businesses in a variety of ways.


Website Revamp

Website updates could mean anything –  like adding, updating, deleting any type of content on your website.


Website Maintenance

Websites are software, they need regular code updates for bug fixes, new features and security vulnerabilities. WordPress security is especially important.


Web Database Development

Upgrades require more technical knowledge and can be harder to find someone with the experience to do this. I upgrade old code, rebuild existing websites, and adding new features to existing sites.

Maintenance & Support Services

You hire a web designer to build a website. They deliver it to you and all is good.

Then time goes by, content needs changed, code needs updates, things need fixed, but your designer can’t be found, or they do not offer site management or website maintenance services for your website.

This is typical for many small business website owners.

Outsourcing website support to a freelancer make sense when you need website help but don’t need a dedicated website maintenance company.


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