Web Hosting and Maintenance Services – Is there a Difference?

Web Hosting and Maintenance ServicesWeb Hosting and Maintenance ServicesWeb Hosting and Maintenance ServicesWeb Hosting and Maintenance ServicesWeb Hosting and Maintenance ServicesWeb Hosting and Maintenance ServicesWeb Hosting and Maintenance Services

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Combining Web Hosting and Maintenance Services

Clients building websites for the first time can be overwhelmed with terminology. Many terms overlap to confuse things more.  Websites and web hosting are two different things. Website hosting and maintenance also means different things.

Web hosting companies sell you space on web server (computer connected to the Internet) for you to put website code so your website will show on the Internet.  When you buy web hosting services from a company, part of the service is for them to manage the web server for you. They take care of all web hosting maintenance tasks to keep backups, maintain and upgrade hardware and monitor services for performance.

Hosting maintenance includes:

Web Hosting Hardware Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance services are completely different from web hosting maintenance.  Web maintenance refers to maintaining your actual website code and content.

I don’t know of any web hosting companies that include maintaining your website code with their services.   They provide server space to you and tools to manage your web hosting account like cPanel or Plesk, but what you do with your hosting account and website code is all in your control.    Think of it like a gym membership. They provide the resources to you like exercise classes, weights and equipment. It’s up to you to decide how and what to use. If something breaks, they fix it. If they add new machines or classes, it is up to you to keep informed on new offerings.

What Website Maintenance Includes

Website maintenance includes:

Who's responsible for web maintenance?

YOU. People contact me and are upset (mad, irate…) at their web host because they would not fix their hacked website, or their website is down because the old, outdated (ancient, obsolete, defunct) code won’t run on the web host anymore.

Again, the web host’s job is to maintain the web server. It is your job to keep your website updated and secure.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

People see commercials and marketing gimmicks of how easy it is to get online, but don’t think of the cost of maintaining a website or even that website maintenance is needed.

Websites are software, they need to be maintained.  It’s one thing if you have a personal website sharing information and it goes down. The trickle effect from this is mostly inconvenience. 


Websites are an extension of your company.
If your site goes down, your company's communication goes down with it.  

The true cost to build and maintain a website is more than a number of dollars per month.

It is your company reputation, lead generation and possibly revenue from ads or selling products.

Web Hosting and Maintenance Solutions

If you don’t know how, or don’t have time to maintain a website yourself, you need to find someone to maintain it for you.   Depending on the size of your website and how it was built, you can search for a website maintenance company, freelance website maintenance or webmaster support services.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients that need website maintenance services. I’ve seen over and over that people also need help with managing their web hosting accounts too. Some people don’t know what they are paying for, others have never updated their PHP service and have run into problems when their host removes versions that are no longer supported.

Because of this I offer web hosting and maintenance packages to address the needs of the small business industry.

Web hosting is included in all of my ongoing WordPress monthly maintenance packages.

Bundling web hosting and WordPress maintenance services together is a “win win” for both of us.

It’s great for you because you do not have to manage and keep track of different services.

You get “business grade” fast and secure web hosting services with a direct line to “back row” support for any hosting questions. (Me!) This means you never have to waste time on the phone trying to explain a problem to hosting support that has no knowledge of your website. I take care of it all for you.

It’s great for me because I can do my job quicker, better and faster. My web servers are configured properly for fast delivery of your web pages. There is no wasted time going back and forth with trying to get answers from your web host when problems arise.

Website Maintenance Packages

I break out maintenance packages into one time “tune up” for neglected websites, monthly ongoing maintenance, and WordPress maintenance services.  I offer this flexibility because I understand clients have different needs depending on the age of the website, how active they are with updating it and the size and functionality.

Tune Up Website

I will do a full audit of your website to review the following:
  • security review
  • review server error logs
  • audit website structure
  • define usability issues
  • server/hosting account upgrade
We will then work together to define a priority list of issues that need to be addressed.

Monthly Updates

Receive priority website support for ongoing maintenance needs for your website.  This includes securing your website, providing regular offsite code and database backups and service requests from you.

Monthly maintenance packages start in increments as small as 1 hour, discounted rates offered for multiple hours.  Requests are billed in 15 min increments.

WordPress Support Plans

WordPress requires different website support compared to other sites.  I offer several WordPress maintenance plans that center around code maintenance and website security.

I secure your website, then monitor it ongoing. This is more logical than doing daily scans for malware and fix your website when it gets hacked.  Don’t let the hackers gain access in the first place!


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