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What Does PHP Stand For?

Originally PHP stood for Personal Home Page, but has since been changed.  Now PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

I know, not too interesting : )

The most interesting part is that it is a recursive acronym (the “P” stands for PHP)


PHP logo


PHP is a server side scripting language that is embedded with HTML to build dynamic web pages.  By server side I mean that PHP code is parsed on the web server. Then the result of this is delivered to the web browser, building the web page.  You do not see the PHP source code on a web page, but the result of the processing (HTML).

PHP can be installed on different operating systems – Linux, Unix, Windows , Max OS and run on different web servers (Apache, IIS…)

PHP can be written as procedural programming and object oriented programming.

PHP can “talk” to many types of databases by using database extensions, abstraction layers or ODBC.

You can learn more about PHP here.

You can see examples of what I can build as a PHP developer here.

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