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author website

WordPress Author Website

This author was releasing his first novel and needed a website to promote it. Building author websites with WordPress is a good solution because it is easily to build in functionality needed.

My client needed functionality built in:

  • Allow users to download pdf
  • Allow user to listen to embedded audio samples
  • Allow users to buy digital versions of the book
  • Include social media sharing
  • Leave book reviews
  • A contact the author form

We used a WordPress theme when building this site, but I did not use a “author website template” for WordPress.  I evaluate a theme to use based on how well it is coded and feedback from other buyers.  I can customize just about any WordPress theme to meet the needs of a project.

While working on it, I had the opportunity to read the sample and I was hooked! I ended up buying a copy and did not put it down until I was done with it.  : )  You can read a sample of this suspense novel here.

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