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engineering consultant WordPress website

WordPress Development & Support

I was hired for this job to provide WordPress support services for an existing website. The project started out fixing simple HTML errors on the site but turned into providing multiple WordPress development services.

Many security issues were quickly identified within the WordPress code. I secured the website, including moving WordPress to https. I now provide ongoing monthly WordPress maintenance services to keep website code and plugins updated and secure.

The website has been optimized for speed through code changes, and then migrated the site to business grade web hosting services for a further boost in performance.

We came up with an SEO plan to optimize the site to drive traffic from search engines organically.  The site is now ranking and gaining exposure for potential clients looking engineering consultants to create a SPCC Plan. A new ordPress theme was designed to address usability issues and to make the site more user friendly. We restructured navigation and applied other on page SEO tactics.

Hiring a freelancer is great for small businesses to have a WordPress consultant on hand.


Other Website Development Projects

View other projects in my web developer portfolio. I have worked on hundreds of websites in different industries. Many projects are excluded in my portfolio due to web designers, graphic design agencies, marketing companies, and other small businesses outsourcing website development services to me. If you don't see something listed that you are wondering if I can build for you, contact me so we can discuss your web programming requirements.