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wordpress developer virginia beach

Local WordPress Designer

Nimmo Community Garden is a small nonprofit organization that brings together gardeners to grow produce for themselves, to donate food banks and senior living communities in Virginia Beach, VA.  I have been involved with this organization for several years growing my own garden and volunteering on different levels.

I have donated my time to design and develop a WordPress blog website to help communication to the many volunteers involved in the community gardens, along with exposing the organization on the Internet for others to find.

WordPress Development Services Included

  • Installation, configuration and security
  • WordPress Design & Development
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • WordPress development including blog, registration forms, add posts from email, include Facebook photo gallery on the website, embed .pdf files
  • Ongoing website maintenance for security
  • Content management
  • WordPress web hosting

Why WordPress for Nonprofits?

WordPress is a great web design solution for non profit organizations because:

  • Affordable – WordPress can be setup quickly for fast development.
  • Ease of use – Most nonprofits are run by volunteers. Learning the basics of WordPress to make edits or add blog posts is easy
  • Expandable – As your organization grows, it’s easy to add new functionality like donation forms, blogs, event calendars….
  • Huge community – WordPress is huge ( over 60% of  CMS websites use WordPress). If you need help it’s easy to find.

If you need a website design in WordPress for your Virginia Beach small business, get in touch.

Other Website Development Projects

View other projects in my web developer portfolio. I have worked on hundreds of websites in different industries. Many projects are excluded in my portfolio due to web designers, graphic design agencies, marketing companies, and other small businesses outsourcing website development services to me. If you don't see something listed that you are wondering if I can build for you, contact me so we can discuss your web programming requirements.