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WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress Maintenance Service

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services and Support Packages

WordPress Maintenance ServiceWordPress maintenance services offered below focus on WordPress code maintenance to keep your website up to date for security.  Ongoing and regular website code updates are important to address bug fixes, code vulnerabilities, and new feature updates. Your computer’s operating system constantly pushes out updates. You need to apply this same concept to WordPress code.

WordPress Maintenance Pricing

Price List for WordPress Support and Maintenance Packages

  • Monthly Maintenance
  • $50
    • Update WordPress Code
    • Update Plugins
    • Automated backups of code & database
    • Security Review
    • Domain name POP emails included
    • “Business Grade” Web Hosting included
    • Free Security Certificate included

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  • Ongoing Maintenance & Updates
  • $100
    • Update WordPress Code
    • Update Plugins
    • Daily backups of code & database stored offsite
    • Security Review
    • Domain name POP emails included
    • “Business Grade” Web Hosting included
    • Free Security Certificate included
    • Plus
    • Up to 1 hour of website support – content changes

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Differences between these WordPress maintenance packages

WordPress code support and web hosting services.

WordPress code support and web hosting services. PLUS minor content updates.

WordPress code support and web hosting services. Plus 1 hour monthly content changes.

If your site would ever get hacked while using monthly WordPress maintenance service
by Freelance Web Programmer, it will be cleaned and further secured for FREE

WordPress Monthly Maintenance

All WordPress maintenance plans are billed monthly with no long term contract.

WordPress Support Includes:

  • Business quality web hosting plus email and a free secure certificate.
  • Monthly updates of WordPress core code and plugins. (If there is a patch released with a serious vulnerability, it will be patched immediately)
  • Monthly backups of all code are made, weekly backups of the database.
  • Full code and database back ups are made before monthly updates are made.

Your WordPress website will be fully secured when maintenance services are first purchased. A security review for potential new vulnerabilities will be done monthly.

When I update any WordPress core code, plugins or theme, a full back up of the site is always generated.  A copy of the website is made and updates are first applied on the copy site. If after reviewing the website code and updates did not cause any errors or changes in how the website displays,  then I apply changes to your live site.  Being in a situation where you just crashed your site you don’t have a backup or know what to do to fix it is no fun.

Before I make any updates, I also review the developer’s change log explaining the reasons for the update. Are there new features, bug fixes, or security patches? I won’t always update a plugin or update the WordPress core just because a new update is available.

Through my professional experiences, I will make an informed decision if the code needs updated at that time. Whenever you make code changes, you risk creating new problems. Some show up immediately, some take time before you notice.  Minimizing this risk is something to consider.

Why Hire a Freelance WordPress Developer for WordPress Updates?

wordpress udpatesUpdating WordPress is easy right?  The button says updates available, all you have is click the update button. How hard can that be?? Yep. That’s the easy part.

What comes next can be the challenge. You can hold your breath and hope nothing breaks.  If it does, then what? Do you have a backup to roll back to?  Did you review the reason for the update? Is it compatible with the current version of WordPress you are running?

Most of the time, an update goes smoothly. Often people contact me in a panic because their site is now down after an update. They expect me to drop everything I am doing to “fix it right now”.  Some times that’s simply impossible. If the client did not make a full backup first, then it could potentially be impossible.   Having a WordPress expert on hand to take care of type website maintenance can take a little bit of stress out of your day.


2 More Reasons to Hire me for Monthly WordPress Maintenance

1. If you hire me for ongoing monthly maintenance, I guarantee your site wont get hacked.*  If it does, I will clean the infection and further secure it for free.

2. If a major WordPress vulnerability is reported, I will priority fix this as soon I am aware of it. – Outside of your regular maintenance and at no additional charge.

*Hosting has to be on my web servers to take this potential vulnerability out of the equation. I would not have control over this on 3rd party hosting company.

Note: I only offer these rates for WordPress maintenance services if I provide web hosting services for your website.

* Monthly Maintenance Plus package includes once a month minor website updates like text change or images added.

* Ongoing Maintenance & Updates package include up to 1 hour of website content edits and/or general website support like text changes, add a new page, install a plugin…

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