How to Get a Google Review Link

How to get a Google reviews link

Generate Your Google Review Link

If you have a Google Business Profile, then you probably know that getting Google Reviews has a big impact on users clicking on your links over another company when they are searching for your services.  Sharing a link to review your business on Google isn’t as simple as copy and pasting a link from your browser address bar though.

This post is not directly about “how to get Google reviews”, but how to get a Google review link for your business, so you can then share it with your customers.

Tip: Making it easier for your customer by sending them a direct link, rather than them having to search for your business profile and find the review link will get more reviews for your business.

How to Find Your Google Review Link

It’s not hard to generate a link to request reviews to share with your customers, it just takes a few steps to where you can access it.

    1.  First step is to log into your Google Business Profile.  Then click on the “See your profile”  button.   Google Profile Link
    2. From here you will see a Google search results page with your business listing on the right.  Scroll down to the Reviews section. Click on the “Get more reviews” button.
      Get More Reviews Button
    3. A pop up window will show the Review link.  Click on it and it will copy the review URL to your clipboard. Google Reviews Link

That’s it! Three simple steps. Now you have a direct link to your Google Review page to share with your customers.



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