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What is a webmaster?

What is a Webmaster? 

Definition: A webmaster is a general term for a job that is to provide website development, website maintenance and support services.  A webmaster’s role is taking care of general duties involved in building, management and maintenance of a website.

website support services

Webmaster Services

Freelance Webmaster Support

Freelance webmaster services I offer include just about any type of website support and general website maintenance you would need. If you hire me for  webmaster services, I don’t require a contracts or long term commitment. Submit a request, I take care of it and bill you in increments as small as 15 minutes.

Read more about support and website maintenance services I offer.


WordPress Webmaster Services

I also have years of experience as a freelance WordPress developer. I could be considered at WordPress webmaster too, providing WordPress support services like theme customization servicesWordPress malware removal service and WordPress maintenance service to keep your code up to date and your website secured.

WordPress is a great platform to build a website quickly and manage content easily, but people tend to overlook that there is ongoing code maintenance required to keep it updated.  WordPress webmaster services are a great solution for needing occasional WordPress maintenance with out a long term contract or minimum monthly hour commitment.


Webmaster Roles

Webmaster roles will depend on the job description that has been defined by the site owner that needs to hire a webmaster.  Usually a webmaster provides ongoing website support services after a site is built, where a web design and/or web developer would build the site initially.

Areas of website support could include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Content Management
  • Web Server Administration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Customer Support from the Website
  • Website Analytics and Tracking
  • Management of web hosting, domains and other third party services.
  • Building and updating web pages
  • Fixing Website Errors

The list can go on and on. Just like “doctor” is a general term, and could also be called a physician, specialist, surgeon… A webmaster could also be webmistress, web designer, web developer, web programmer, system administrator, website manager.

So am I a webmaster? Yes, I provide freelance webmaster services.  I could also be called webmistress.

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