What is a Webmistress?

Webmistress Definition

Webmistress is a general term for a female webmaster. A webmistress is also a webmaster, but not the other way around :  )  (Fire man/ Fire Woman, Police Man/ Police Woman ).

The term is seldom used in the web development industry. I would be surprised if I ever saw a job posted for someone looking to hire one.  If someone asked me what I did for a living I would not say I am a web mistress – or even web master. A better description is a web developer, web programmer or website developer.

With that said, a webmistress’ role  could be to design websites, code websites, provide ongoing website maintenance, search engine optimization… it would just depend on the job description of what the client/company needs.

Am I a webmistress?  Yes, (female web developer).

I provide the following types of website support services

  • Website development for new and existing websites
  • Custom web development building websites from scratch.
  • Web coding and programming with PHP and MySQL Databases
  • Website support to fix problems
  • WordPress website development
  • Web hosting and domain registration and management
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