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What is a Webmistress?


Webmistress - Girl PowerWebmistress Definition

The definition of a webmistress is a general term for a female webmaster. A webmistress is also a webmaster, but not the other way around :  )  (Fire man/ Fire Woman, Police Man/ Police Woman ).

The term is not used much in the web development industry. I would be surprised if I ever saw a job posted for someone looking to hire a web mistress.  If someone asked me what I did for a living I would not say I am a web mistress – or even web master. A better description is a web developer, web programmer or website developer.

Role of a Webmistress

With that said, a webmistress’ role  could be to design websites, code websites, provide ongoing website maintenance, search engine optimization… it would just depend on the job description of what the client/company needs.

Women in Web Development

Am I a webmistress?  Yes, (female web developer).

There aren’t nearly as many women in web development as men.  There are even less back end web programmers (like me) than women web designers. That’s ok, it doesn’t bother me one bit. :  )  I think I surprise people some time after only corresponding over email and then eventually speak on the phone or meet in person to find out I am female. I guess that tells you it doesn’t really matter.

Girl Power!

If you are a female web designer, looking specifically to partner with a for a woman web developer for web programming support,  get in touch with me so we can explore a “girl power” work partnership.


Website Support and Development Services

I provide the following types of website development and support services:

  • Website development for new and existing websites
  • Custom web development building websites from scratch.
  • Web coding and programming with PHP and MySQL Databases
  • Website support to fix problems
  • WordPress website development
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Web hosting and domain registration and management

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