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Website Maintenance

website maintenance services to keep your website up to date and secure.

Website Maintenance Services

professional maintenance services – freelance – meaning no contracts

Like a car or a house, website maintenance can be done by yourself, or you can hire a professional to keep it updated. Regardless how maintenance gets done, it’s important to keep up with it regularly.  With a website, whether you hire a web developer or do it yourself just depends on the complexity of your website, your comfort level, and the time you have to dedicate to maintaining your website.

I offer freelance website maintenance services that includes everything from simple, “when needed” content updates, to ongoing website maintenance contracts including domain management, web hosting, content management, SEO services and WordPress maintenance. This is ideal for small business websites that do not have an IT department or need to hire a web developer full time.

Regular Web Maintenance

Websites require an effort to keep up to date with content, code technologies and security.  Ignoring it for months (or years) leaves a (not so great) impression on your business.

When was the last time you reviewed your website for out of date pricing, broken links, or how your website is displayed in the Google search results?  When was the last time you created a full code and database back up of your site? (Have you ever? If not, do this now.)

What is Freelance Web Maintenance?

Providing  web maintenance as a freelancer, I do not require a ongoing monthly website maintenance contract, or bill you for a minimum number of hours regardless of how much work is done.

I simply charge for a minimum of 15 minute increments. If all you need are some text changes on a web page and it takes me 15 min, then I bill for that amount of time.

So how much website maintenance costs depends on what you need done, how old or new your site is and how your website is built. (Again, similar to car or house maintenance)

If you can provide me with a detailed list of website maintenance tasks to be done, I can provide a flat rate to do the work.  You can get a quote for  website maintenance costs here.

Website Maintenance & Support

Examples of website maintenance services:

  • Website backups
  • Code upgrades (Like WordPress core code and plugins)
  • Move websites with no down time – new host, new domain…
  • Fix broken links
  • Fix html errors
  • Fix any website errors
  • Page speed optimization
  • Emergency web site support after hours and on weekends

I want to provide the best website maintenance services for my clients. With a quick turn around time, I aim to get changes complete in less than 24 hours (often same day).

Domain Management

Has your website ever gone “offline” because you forgot to renew your domain name? Do you know who your domain registrar is, or did you “old web designer” take care of this for you and now you can’t track him down?

Web Hosting

Is your web site running slow? This could be from the quality of your host and/or performance issues with your website code. Do you get bills from your hosting company that you don’t know what they are for, or your website has gone offline because you forgot to pay your bill?

Website Content

Has your website not been updated recently because you don’t know how?  Don’t have time? Simply forgot about it? Think of how your customers will perceive your business when they see outdated and or lacking content about you.  This needs to be a priority.

Website Code

Technology changes are lighting speeds on the internet. When was the last time that you updated the look of your website? Is your website code mobile friendly?  If not, this can really be hurting your business.

Website Maintenance Services

Site maintenance (like your brick and mortar store maintenance) is just part of owning a business. If you let it go to long it will hurt your business. Error messages, irrelevant and outdated website content, out of date coding technologies (like your website not being mobile friendly) is a turn off to your customers and potential new customers. If you have not updated your website recently, or for a really long time, get in touch with me so we can make some improvements on your website.

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WordPress Maintenance Service

Wordpress Maintenance Services If your website runs on WordPress, you have an added layer of website maintenance to consider. WordPress releases core and plugin updates regularly, along with potential security issues unique to WordPress that need to be addressed when you first install WordPress. If you ignore WordPress maintenance, you will get hacked eventually. I fixed insecure, hacked and infected WordPress websites almost daily. I offer both a monthly WordPress maintenance plan along with hiring me as needed to address WordPress development or updates.

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